3 Gun Series

September 7, 2019 @ 9:00 am – September 29, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Robert, LA
Advantage Group

Advantage Group Presents…
First Ever 3 Gun Series and AG Invitational

Jude Autin has spent 24 yrs in Law Enforcement  including 19 years as SWAT team operator/sniper/element leader and current training and operations supervisor.  He has been a POST certified firearms and CQB instructor since 1999. From 1999 to 2004 he was a full time firearms instructor for a Law Enforcement department with over 1000 commissioned officers.  He has been competing in 3 Gun and other various shooting sports for over 8 years. Jude is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to aspiring 3 Gun shooters and share with us the things he wishes he’d known as a fledging competitor.

September 7 & 8 : Intro to 3 Gun, Pistol and Carbine

September 28 & 29: Shotgun and Match

An ideal starting point for the shooter new to 3 Gun, this series will get you ready to shoot and compete in your first match. This series  consists of 3 days of instruction/ coaching and  a 1 day match over two different weekends.  We will cover an introduction to 3 Gun, Rules, Divisions and equipment and match etiquette in addition to:

  • Shooting diagnostic marksmanship/handling
  • Equipment selection for each stage
  • Ammo
  • Loading/unloading as it relates to matches
  • Movement/running/weapon handling competence into and out of positions
  • Accuracy as it relates to targets/stages/distance
  • Stage specific loadout
  • ……and more.

3 Gun Match :

  • Coaching
  • Stage planning
  • Shooting the match
  • Debrief of stages
  • Reshoot

Equipment List:

  • 500 rounds Pistol Ammo
  • 500 rounds Rifle Ammo
  • 250 bird and 20 slug
  • Pistol with 3 magazines minimum
  • Secure holster ( no serpa or nylon holsters)
  • Belt mounted mag pouches
  • Rifle with a 2 point sling (NO single point)
  • 3 Magazines minimum
  • Belt mounted  magazine holder.
  • ZEROED optic, RDS or VPO
  • Shotgun (chokes, choke tube wrench(tubes not mandatory))
  • Shotgun shell caddies or loaders (If you don’t have caddies a belt mounted bag will suffice although, much slower)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Note taking material
  • Wet weather gear
  • Eye and ear protection
  • water & snacks

Pistol day you only need the pistol. Rifle day you need the rifle and pistol.  Shotgun day you need all three as well as match day.



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