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Gunfighter Fundamentals

We like to keep our classes relatively fast-paced, and understand that this can cause somewhat of an information overload for students as they attempt to unwind and process what they’ve learned in the days following training. For that reason we’ve created something of a checklist/follow-up to help our students progress on their own. Remember, training should be consistent and never-ending. You don’t have to wait for a class to work on the fundamentals, and unused skills WILL degrade. Work on whatever you can, whenever you can. If you can’t make it to the range often, work on your drawstroke, malfunction clearances, etc at home. If your range only allows static shooting, make it as challenging as possible. Shoot support hand only and push the target back out past your comfort level.

Runners don’t get faster and weight lifters don’t get stronger by staying in their comfort zone. They run farther and lift heavier until it hurts. Always strive for improvement and never be satisfied with your current level of performance.

Take this list of skills and conduct an honest personal assessment. Rank them in order with #1 being the skill you are the best and most proficient with. When you create your personal Range Plan, train them backwards starting with your worst and least proficient skills. Devote 85% of your time and ammo available to the things you are worst at. A shot timer is a great investment as a self-assessment tool and, if possible, establish some sort of peer review to keep you honest.

Gunfighter Fundamentals

[ _ ] Learn how to carry a medium frame or larger pistol, in a holster, in everyday clothing, concealed along with a spare magazine.

[ _ ] Demonstrate a functional ability to use a two handed high thumbs grip with a Modern Isosceles Shooting Platform and a Modern Fighting Stance.

[ _ ] Properly Align traditional notch and post style sights. Equal Light on both sides of the front sight with the top of the front sight level with the top of the rear. Know the hold appropriate to your Weapon.

[ _ ] Draw correctly and smoothly to both positions; 4 and 2 in a 4 Count Draw Stroke.

[ _ ] Draw to the Retention Position and engage a 0 Distance Target.

[ _ ] Make a High Center Chest (Top Half A-Zone) cold and from the holster in 1.5 seconds or less, from 10yds. This needs to be a cold shot. Leave your car, walk on to the range and shoot. You should be able to perform on demand.

[ _ ] Draw Strong Hand Only and perform a clean 6-shot “Bill Drill” from 7yds, in under 3 Seconds.

[ _ ] Be able to perform a clean 6-shot “Bill Drill” from 7yds in less than 2.5 seconds.

[ _ ] Be able to maintain an 85% Hit Rate on an IPSC Target (A and B Zone) while moving Forward and laterally from 10yds.

[ _ ] Transition between 2 targets 5yds apart from a minimum of 10yds while maintaining a 85% A Zone hit rate.

[ _ ] Perform a non-diagnostic malfunction clearance (Immediate Action).

[ _ ] Be able to perform an in-fight (in-drill) mag change without interrupting the course of fire.

[ _ ] Reload and clear malfunctions with one hand both strong and support side.

[ _ ] Be able to operate a Handgun in conjunction with a flashlight.

[ _ ] Conduct an in fight transition from Strong Hand to Support Hand.

[ _ ] Able to articulate using cover and able to make accurate hits from non-standard body platforms that make good use of cover.

[ _ ] Be able to run a 9-Hole Drill, making a minimum of 2 hits from each hole, using both hands, strong hand only, and support hand only.

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