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What is a Range Gun/Truck Gun/Snake Gun/Woods Gun/Beater Gun? Why would you willingly and knowingly buy a gun of dubious quality and then justify it to yourself as a “Range Gun”?

The internet posts typically go like this: “Today I bought me a new Ruger/Llama/Insert Poorly Designed and Poorly Executed Firearm of choice here and 1 box of 50 shells. I made it through fifty flawless rounds looks like I got me a new Range Gun WOOOOT!”

I think a great deal of the problem is with the perception of guns as objects of romance, they ain’t, it’s just a tool no different than a hammer or spanner wrench. I would assume that folks are reluctant to soil their pristine “Carry Gun” by firing it or in the worst case scenario, gulp, dropping it on rocks. Would you care if you dropped your Stanley framing hammer? The gun is a tool. It’s a tool used for defending one’s life. As such it needs to be a reliable and effective tool first and foremost. Secondly it has to be a tool you can operate effectively in adverse situations. In order to obtain this proficiency you must use your chosen tool extensively. Like all well used tools your gun will take on the patina of the craftsman. It’s finish will become worn and thin and it will show its age. These marks show experience and are not something to be ashamed off.

Shooting people is hard. Often times they refuse to stand still and be shot. In my experience I have found they often choose to shoot back and that I am rarely prepared for the event to occur when it does. As stated by many a sage: rule number one in any gunfight is bring a gun. I will add you should bring the best gun you can afford and that you have achieved the highest level of proficiency with. If you carry an S&W M&P 9C then you should spend your precious range time and ammo in achieving maximum proficiency with that weapon. Spending time on the range slow firing your 5″ Charter Angry Chow .44 Special Revolver…your “Range Gun”…will in no way prepare you for using your M&P in a lethal force situation. In fact, I think an argument could be made that it makes you much less prepared. What you have done is waste your time, ammo, and money. You surely wasted your range time firing a weapon with different sights and a different trigger than your carry gun, you’re wasting your money by buying a pistol that probably cost half as much as a solid reliable back up to your real gun would have, and you’re wasting your ammo budget. It’s a trifecta of lose. I would submit you would be far better off buying a good carry gun, shooting it as much as you can, saving your money and then buying a another gun of the exact same type. That way if you insist on having a pristine gun you can. Personally I carry a Glock 19 or 17. I have spare 19s and 17s. They are interchangeable to me. I abuse them all equally and they all show it. I own other guns as well, but I own no Range Guns, or Snake Guns, or Truck Guns.

I use the same philosophy in rifles. I buy the best rifles I can afford. I like Daniel Defense. I believe they manufacture some of the best rifles in the world. Their process is certainly better than anyone else’s I have ever seen. Their guns aren’t cheap but they are obtainable. I can get enough gun for $1200-$1400 depending on where I shop. Rather than buy one good gun and then drop $600 on a crappy Olympic Arms “Range Gun” for “plinking,” I shoot my good gun and save until I can afford to buy another good gun as a spare. Quality is quality. In a tool that I may have to use to defend my life or my loved ones I will accept no substitute. I don’t know when the incident might occur and I want to be as well armed as possible when it does. Decide what you are. If you decide you’re a collector then buy all means buy as diverse a range of guns as your heart desires. If you wish to be proficient and prepared however, delay gratification and buy the very best tools your budget will allow.

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